Redesign Event: Creating New Fascination Out Of Old Jewerly

“Repurposing Old Jewelry into New Timeless Creations”

Memories captured in the form of previously owned jewelry can now be transformed into exciting new creations suitable to your individual taste and lifestyle!  Recycling your old white gold and yellow gold scrap allows you to choose your favored gold color choice prior to casting the new model.  Repurposing family gemstones is truly a way of honoring that special person or a place in time. Bringing the unworn jewelry out of the dark safe to once again dance in the light of new timeless or art inspired setting is a celebration.   This is how I like to create fascination in wearable fine jewelry.  Allowing new art and inspiration to breathe life into the new jewelry design is my passion.

Let me invite you into the alluring process of lost wax…discover the magical legends and lore of your gemstones.  Feel free to share your desires of favorable styles and possibly your gemstones history.  With full confidentiality, I will quietly collect notes and incorporate these thoughts into concept sketches that you may want to include in your new piece.  Besides creating a beautiful piece of jewelry, it is important that it is durable, comfortable and becomes part of you.

Let me invite you to a UNIQUE EVENT:

Like me on facebook and PM me for an appointment or call 206.406.9520
5% of Fridays proceeds will be donated to BIMA’s Educational Art Fund so both young and old may have an opportunity to explore the joys of a hands-on art experience.

Friday the event will start at 4:30pm – 8:00pm
Saturday and Sunday the event will go from 11:00am – 4:00pm.
In addition to this lovely opportunity to show support, I will be unveiling my New Collections of ORIGINAL pieces.
I hope to see each of you Next Friday!
-Connie Castellano